Salam people.. so today I'm going to list out 5 top favorite place which i never get bored when eating outside. Hope this helps others without need to worry what to eat. Some places are a bit expensive and some are affordable. :)  

#1: Nandos Restaurant
Atkins Rating: 5/5
Value for Money: 5/5 (AFFORDABLE)
Satisfy Hunger : 5/5 
Meal Price: RM16.85 (1/4 chicken with 1 side dish)
Total Carbs: ~ 2.4g (without sauce)
*** nutrion facts can be refer to http://www.nandos.com.my/nandos_my/menu

Nandos always be my all time favourite place, you can simply satisfy your hunger with its meal. One thing for sure, you can take the sauce but just beware the intake k! Jangan letak sauce lebih2. And for the side dishes, you can take the chargrilled vege or garden salad which is lower in carbs.

#2: Arab Restaurant
Atkins Rating: 5/5
Value for Money: 5/5 (AFFORDABLE)
Satisfy Hunger : 5/5 
Meal Price: Range RM10-RM20 (Shish Kebab or Shish Tawook)
Total Carbs: ~ 8g-10g

This is also one of my best option. Normally i ordered shish kebab(beef) or shish tawook(chicken) like the picture shown above. I'm not sure what kind of spices they are using, that's why im guessing roughly around 8-10g for 3 skewer. Seriously, i'm half way full when i eat the second skewer.

#3: KFC Restaurant
Atkins Rating: 5/5
Value for Money: 5/5 (AFFORDABLE)
Satisfy Hunger : 5/5 
Meal Price: Range RM10-RM15 (2 pcs chicken)
Total Carbs: ~ 3g

Definitely this is EVERYONE favorite place. When i'm too hungry, KFC always the first thing i can think off. Easy and cheap. But the drawback is...there's nothing i can eat accept chickens. Eh.. they also got salad laaaa.. i guess! :P 

#4: Seafood Restaurant
Atkins Rating: 3/5
Value for Money: 5/5 (AFFORDABLE)
Satisfy Hunger : 5/5 
Meal Price: >RM50 (price might vary by places and depends what you ordered)
Total Carbs: ~ 10g

This is also a great place to satisfy my hunger, but always remember that outside cooking might have additional flavor and sugar. That's why i put atkins rating as 3. Avoid those sauce or soup. So normally i ordered '1 telur dadar' specially for me, lemon steam fish, any stirred fried vege and salted egg buttered prawn. I personally asked them to make 'telur dadar' just eggs and salt with no additional msg or what so ever! The price shown is averagely for 2-3 people.

#5: Sushi King
Atkins Rating: 3/5
Value for Money: 3/5 (PRICEY)
Satisfy Hunger : 3/5 
Meal Price: RM15.75 (Yaki Shirataki) or RM ? (Salmon Sashimi)
Total Carbs: ~ >8g

Sushi king is also another alternatives, i rate this 3 cos not all people can eat sushi. Unlike me, i'm a sashimi lover. If i eat that alone, probably less than 3g carbs from the wasabi and a tiny lil bit of light soy sauce. I'm not sure how much the carbs for wasabi. However for yaki shirataki, i'm just guessing more that 8g of carbs because they stirred fried the noodles with sweet soy sauce and top with deep fried chicken (with flour). So for people that is not a sushi lover, this won't recommend this place.