Overall Konyaku Noodle Review

Hi everyone, today I'm going to give a review on "kuew tiau" noodles (flat shirataki noodles) that I received for FREE from @foodbits.asia. I've tasted most of the konyaku noodles like rice and thin noodles, yet I haven't try the flat noodle. Most of konyaku like rice, I only cook it once, cos I can't stand the fishy smell and taste. But surprisingly for this "kuew tiau", after several times I boiled it and rinse it with cool water. I be able to accept the chewy texture and it does taste good when I eat it with my beef & vege soup today. Just make sure to boil and rinse, boil and rinse.. Ok! :)

Here are some recipes that I cook with konyaku product before:

  1. Rice Konyaku

  1. Spaghetti Noodle Konyaku

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