How to stay motivated and determined?

Hi everyone! I was call to write something today and I want to share and let it out. Well, I've been doing Atkins diet for quite sometimes. And to be honest, sometimes I lost the battle and sometimes I had a glorious success! But when I succeed, I faced another problem which is I'M TOO OVER CONFIDENCE! Then there's a little devil in my head keep on whispering something like this to me, " I DID GREAT WITH ATKINS BEFORE, I HAVE NO PROBLEM TO LOSE WEIGHT AGAIN!".. And yes, I'll be absolutely "TERRIFIC" after that!

Now I'm back slightly to my original scale. Back to square one.. Ting.. Ting..ting! And I have to start all over again, and guess what, there's an old friend of mine "Miss Attitude" which always advise me to do this, "I'LL START TOMORROW","I GET BACK TO IT LATER" and so on… Hehe… So out of misery, I did a little research and I've been searching the root cause to my problems and finally I found it. I believe everyone is facing the same problem like me. Haha maybe, I guess!

My turning point of my life happened when I changed my job location. It does affect my daily routine and lifestyle. One of the key factor is TIME. With the new atmosphere, I always skipped my breakfast, sometimes I had a late lunch and sometimes I had a combo meal like lunch plus dinner. All because of I don't have TIME for a decent meal to myself except on weekends.  Same goes to my exercise routines, I used to have ZUMBA class every Tuesday and SWIMMING day on Thursday. But since I'm far away from those point, I always missed or late due to traffic jam and any other possible interference. I'm a bit upset with this changes and the saddest thing is I've to deal with it! Unless I change my career..

Oh Nooooo!! :) I'm too dramatic don't you think? Well, as devastated as I could be, I'll try to list down what are the possible things that I can do to keep my life back in track. As I realize there's only one thing for sure.. no one in this world can change my look, my body, my health except ME! Yes ME!! I'm the only one who can change it.. If I wanted a healthier, fitter and remarkable me.. I need to do something about it and move on and continuously keep moving on.. This is not only for me today, but also for a better me in the future. Insya Allah..  Amin…

To my dear atkiners, please do support me throughout this journey okay….. :) thanks for your support.. xoxo

p/s: This is just a post to keep me motivated!!

Machine generated alternative text:
A little more persistence, a 
little more effort and what 
seemed hopeless failure 
may turn to glorious 
Elbert Hubbard 
Hope Success, Failure

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  1. Love your blog girl.. keep it up..i'm having the same issue like u.. one advice.. you need to find a team to keep you motivated.. someone..somewhere!