Hey peep...  there's a great effort from one of the atkiner that i've just discovered. He developed an apps called "foodbits" and you can download the app at google store for FREE... 

It's kinda simple and easy to use. There's type of menu you can choose, either breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Then you can save any preferred menu in your favourite list. You can also purchase some hard to get stuffs like mee kurus, flax seed, ketone strips which is so convenient and you can calculate your BMI too.. thumbs up for this!

However there's one thing I feel a bit lack off which is the "senarai bahan" or list of ingredients... I think this one can be improve by selecting only preferred menu.. not by showing all ingredients from all recipe which a bit confusing.

Till then, lets support each other and i hope this apps helps you guys a lot on your daily meals. You can download the apps at the side bar link. Enjoy!

Food bits @ Playstore

Main List Menu
This recipe page
This is the BMI Page to calculate you BMI.
List of ingredient you can refer on the go while shopping...

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