Nasi goreng cina

Today I took a courage to try out something new.. this product is similar to shirataki noodles from my previous post. It does look good and even the taste is the same like shirataki noodle. 

Who ever who loves shirataki noodles I think this product suit you guys... but for me somehow I can't take it... hehehe! For atkiners, this is a great product actually...suitable during induction.. its easy to swallow and you can cook almost anything with it. 

Anyone who is interested to try out this.. can wassap me ya!

Lynn Mohd (012-9811205 )

Here's the recipe for my nasi goreng cina using this product. 

- 2/3 shallots
- 1 cup of vege
- 1 eggs
- 1 cup of sosej
- 1 cup 
of prawn
- chopped spring onion leaves

How to cook
- clean sshiratake rice with water and drained properly
- stir fried shallot , prawn, sausages, vege and eggs on medium heat until cook
- put in the shiratake rice and mix all ingredient until a bit dry.
- put a bit salt and ppepper to taste. 
- and the dish is served. 

Total carbs: 3g


  1. Fasa 1 boleh ke makan nih? Orang ckp takleh :(

    1. Hi @Petite Fairy, nape x boleh makan? setahu lin, apa yang lin study and baca.. konyaku ni or dipanggil konjac ni.. actually xde khasiat langsung pun.. calories zero, carb zero, protein zero.. atkiners makan just nak lepas craving to noodles and stuff...depend cara you masak mcm mn.. you can read it up here -->

  2. Aslm sis lynn saya baru merasa shirataki ni..errr, saya xdpt nak terima juga la..rasa cm mkn jelly berlauk je,hehe..bgus la utk yg boleh terima.xperlu susah2 cari resepi lain..huu

  3. itulah jasmine min... samala kita.. jenis tekak x bleh terima.