Sushi with Deep Fried Flaxseed Prawn and Egg Mayo

Sorry guys, i posted using my phone and it create such a mess. Btw, i'm sorry i forgot to take my final outcome because i've already eat it~! Hehehe.. maybe next time i posted the result k~! So here's the steps. 

1) Seaweed (Nori) can be found in JJ or AEON. 
2) Cucumber Slice
3) 2-3 Eggs Boiled and Mashed mixed with Kewpie Mayonnaise.

For Frying:
1) 1 egg (beated well)
2) 2 tablespoon of flaxseed (finely grind)
3) Prawn
4) Salt and Pepper (to taste)

How to fried the prawn.
1) Deep in the beated egg.
2) Mix together with the flaxseed
3) Fried in the pan.

Once everything is set, you are ready to rolled your sushi.. Yeay~!

Total Carb is <= 6g

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