Sushi Week: Tuna Cucumber Egg Roll

Hi Peeps,

I'm back on track again. This week going to be sushi week for me, yeay..I'm going to be a sushi maniac. Hehe! But before that, let me share with you on the nutrition fact of nori seaweed. If you have better articles to share out.. do comment below. Thanks~!

Fat-Free, Low in Protein, Low in Carbs
As a very low-calorie food, nori is not a significant source of carbs, protein or fat. One sheet contains 0 grams of fat and carbs, 1 gram of fiber and 1 gram of protein. Although nori is not a significant source of fiber, it can help you get closer to your daily needs of 25 to 38 grams a day. As a plant-based source of protein, nori does not provide all of the essential amino acids, making it an incomplete protein. However, eating a variety of plant protein sources throughout the day will help you get all the amino acids your body needs.
Here's the recipe:
  1. Sardine (I would recommend ayam brand sardine) - 1.6g carb per serving or DIY.
  2. Cucumber (*optional)
  3. 1 Egg (any way you like e.g: scrambled, fried etc)
  4. 1 sheets of nori seaweeds
How to:

This steps would be the same like you are preparing sushi roll. Here's the steps. I'm sorry I forget to snap "in the making" photos because I'm so hungry.

Total carbs for about 7 sushi rolls is < than 5g.


  1. hi.. where do u buy splenda? I cari tak jumpa².. huhuhu

  2. hi, you can find it dkt jaya supermarket dkt bahagian cake supplies. Dkt situ ada equal, brown sugar and splenda.
    If x silap dkt ou, cold storage, ada dekat bahagian organic~