Flaxseed Wrap in 2 Minute with Microwave

Salam all,

Flaxseed Wrap
Dah lama x update my recipe book ni, it's been quiet sometime. Badan dah naik sikit after a few month sebab x consistent ngan Atkins, maybe because i'm too busy with work. Jadual makan pun dah x teratur, pagi kadang2 terskip breakfast and of cos tengahari akan balun makanan yang berat2. But somehow air 4 liter x pernah tinggal cos dah terbiasa. But luckily i attached with Kelab Diet Atkins di FB yang sentiasa memberi semangat, almost every day akan ada cerita-cerita achievement org turun berat badan. Jeles sangat~! and Congrats to them~! Starting from this week, i start with a new plan meal so dah menyibuk mencari resipi2 yang simple and fast. As i browsing thru, terjumpa mende yang i pernah buat before this but in another version and guess what? 2 MINUTE MICROWAVE je.. mmg resipe yang sgt cun utk org yang x de masa nak masak nih~! Sesuai di makan dengan apa saja... ikut kreativiti sendiri.. kalau x sempat nak prepare isi dia, beli sambal bilis ke apa2 kuah ke dkt kedai/cafe/kantin/

So here it is... enjoy the video and step by step on how to make it~!


  • 1 egg
  • 4 tablespoon of finely grind flaxseed 
  • Pinch of Salt
  • A bit of Oil 

STEP 1 : Mix egg, flaxseed and pinch of salt in a bowl until you find the right consistency to spread on the plate.
 STEP 2: Spread the batter until became round shape or any other shape that you like.
 STEP 3: Now , you are ready to cook in microwave for two minutes. 
 STEP 4: Enjoy your wrap with any filling that you love. As for mine, i eat it with pepperoni ring and cheese with salad. Sprinkle a bit black pepper for taste. Wallah~!


  1. mudahnya...aduhaii..
    tq for hsairng..
    mana nak dptkan flaxseed ni dear..

    1. flaxseed dkt kedai kek.. dia jual dlm 500 g.. ikut timbang pun ada.. murah sikit.. or gi jaya supermarket bahagian organic.

  2. Tp kalau xde microwave...bley x heat it up in an oven?

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  4. Great..thanks for sharing..i'm a newbie with atkins diet..