Cheese based Pizza

It's been quite sometimes I haven't update this blog. Well, here's one of new recipe that I found out in youtube..  believe me people it is the best pizza so far for atkins..


Here's the ingredient

For the pizza based:
- 2-3 cup of mozzarella cheese
- 2 cup of almond flour / bio-protein as a substitube
- 1 egg

For the sauce:
- 1 tomato (blend with 2 tbsp water until become paste)
- 1 tsp of splenda sugar
- Garlic Powder for the taste
- Salt for the taste
- Pepper for the taste

For the topping:
- Mix Herbs
- Onion
- Pepperoni
- Cheddar Cheese

How to cook:
1/ Microwave your mozerella chesse until it melts,
2/ Add in eggs
3/ Mix together almond flour bit by bit until it become a dough.
4/ Oil your hand a little bit and knead the dough and put in a non stick pan.
5/ In a low heat, using a wet spoon to spread your dough to make it in round shape.
6/ When the dough is slightly brown, turn the dough over so that its brown on the both sides.
7/ Heat your oven at 180 degree celcius, for 5 minutes.
8/ Decorate your pizza with your favourite topping and sauce.
9/ Lastly, don't forget to sprinkle cheddar cheese on top.
10/ Bake your pizza 5-10 minutes until the crust is crispy.

Actually it's really depend on you what you really want for the sauce and the topping of your pizza. Let's be creative to achieve the goals. I wouldn't recommend this recipe to the inductioners because lots of the ingredient is a big no-no. Maybe you can replace the sauce with something else, previously I make my topping with low carb sambal ikan bilis or perhaps sambal ikan tuna.. ~! And as for the based you can make it with shredded cauliflower.. Have fun explore peeps~!

Total Carbs: roughly around 10g