Berbola Ayam Ramly

Hi Atkiners,

It's been a while i didn't update my recipe.. Well to be honest, i'm also in middle of exploring new recipes to upload. I have lots of ideas but i just don't have time to cook since i'm working. For today's post, i just want to share what i just found out in my local grocery store yesterday. I found out that Ramly (Berbola Ayam), the carbs is 0.0g. Yeay i have new things to eat~! I'm sorry, i don't have any real picture to show here cos i've already throw away the packaging and i forgot to snap my meal :) Well the looks is something like this...

Source from internet.

But i guess this is suitable for breakfast. You can fry it,steam it, bake it or just microwave it a few second. Wallah... Breakfast is serve~! I just use microwave cos i'm in such a super hurry.. I just put all those balls in a plate.. then add up one a few slices of cheese and sprinkles some pepper. Just to taste~! Then cook for 30 second. Once done, i sprinkles some parsley for garnishing.

I would say the taste is not bad.. Hehehe... Better something than nothing for my breakfast, Right? Well.. Enjoy this new ideas..