Dinner at Sushi King

Here's my dinner for tonight. 
Lazy to cook and i went out to sushi king to grab my dinner.  I had chawanmushi, salad and soft shell crab.. However, I'm not a big fan of chawanmushi.. well chawanmushi is a japanese savoury egg custurd which is basicly just a steam egg with chicken stock.

Here's the picture of what i ate and together with nutrient facts. 

Sushi King Crab Promotion

Softshell Crab

Carbs (3.0 g) 
This is chawanmushi
Total Carbs for Chawanmushi (5g)
I've only eat the salad, not the tomato and corn. :) 

Total Carb for 3 of this dishes is probably around (10g)

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