No Bake Lemon Cheesecake In a Jar

Hi peep,

Yesterday i'm craving for a dessert and something that is easy for me to bring along to my office. So here's my solution. I whipped all the ingredient, then pour into mason jar that I bought it from Parkson and let it cool in the refrigerator. That's it~! Less than 5 minute i guess. This should be a great dessert for berbuka puasa. Enjoy~!

Btw, why am i using mason jar. Saja!! Hehe.. xde la saja pun, its just to keep the cold longer compare to any tupperware. But if nak use normal container pun bleh je.. 


250g cream cheese (i use Tatura cream cheese)
100 ml heavy cream (i use whipping cream or you can make your own)
1 teaspoon Splenda sugar (up to you how sweet you want it to be)
1 biji lemon (diperah)
1 teaspoon vanilla

How to make your own heavy cream
Original Recipe can be found here, 

Total Carbs : 4~5g

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  1. salam.. saya nampak awak post flaxseed bun.. boleh share resepi x macamana nak buat bun tu.. boleh email saya hazwani.hamzah.hh@gmail.com.. TQ.

    1. Hi wani, actually resipi tu sama dengan yang nih http://simplymoilife.blogspot.com/2013/04/flaxseed-bread.html.. cuma lynn guna acuan lain and guna golden flaxseed.

  2. looks yummehhhh~~~btw lynn beli mason jar tu cantik...beli kt mane? ihiks..

    salam kenal. ai baru nak induction T_T hope the best for me..;))

    1. All the best and happy atkins cinet.. mason jar jual dkt parkson.. dulu ada yg small size.. skrg dah x nampak..semua agak besar.

    2. betul3...lenguh kaki cari mason jar kecil2 xjumpa pun kt parkson klcc ni...kne cari parkson tempat lain la kot...cantik suka sangat..huhuhu