Speghetti Zucchini Aglio Olio

Omg.. I saw someone had speghetti aglio olio during lunch hour and its so tempting, i'm seriously badly want this. :( I googled around to find a substitute to pasta and i found out most of atkiners using zucchini to make pasta.. Yippee.. I'll definitely gonna make this for dinner..and here's the outcome.. Enjoy~!

Psst... You can even eat this with kuah laksa johor. Gonna love it!

You can scrape the zucchini using normal potato peeler or you can chop in string. Both works well. 


  • 4 labu bawang putih (finely chop)
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • daging/udang
  1. Rebus daging/udang untuk mendapatkan stok dalam beberapa minit.
  2. Panaskan kuali dengan minyak biasa, masukkan bawang putih yang dicincang halus. 
  3. Masukkan daging/udang dan tumis sampai naik bau.
  4. Masukkan air stok daging/udang sedikit sahaja untuk mengelakkan kering.
  5. Masukkan zucchini dan gaul rata
  6. Tambahkan bahan2 perasa dan olive oil sedikit.
  7. Sedia dihidang bersama parsley/basil leaf.

Total Carbs(<5g)

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