Flaxseed Bun with Curry

For today's recipe, lynn cuma berkongsi.. How to variasikan pemakanan dengan diet Atkins ni... So this is how i eat my lunch today and dinner.. So org lain pun boleh makan jugak.

So who ever yang tak tau apa itu flax seed. Well this is how its looks like..
Flaxseed ni ada 2 jenis: satu golden flax seed, lagi satu is brown flax seed. If rasa nak roti cantik cam lin buat ni boleh la beli yang golden cos yang brown tu cam gelap sangat.. But both mengandungi jumlah khasiat yang sama which is high in omega-3. For this recipe, lynn add vanilla essence and olive oil tu lin gantikan dengan butter. This time, its taste much better.

Mana nak beli flaxseed nih??
1/ Baking store - kira ikut timbang..byk sikit dapat
2/ Cold Storage - Bahagian Organic ( Sepaket kecik camnih RM4.90)

I think lepas ni i'm gonna make chocolate muffin from it.. and i found out Hershey chocolate low in carb.. weee....

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